Try this:  give a small child a cute teddy bear.  The child's eyes will light up and a big smile will appear.  Then, try to take it back.  The smile turns to a frown, the eyes get dark, and "No, it's mine??" rings in your ears.  No matter what the good gift is, you won't get it back without a fuss.

Sound familiar?  God gives us blessings every day.  Our smile and eyes light up as our time, talent, and treasures pile up.  Then, God asks us to give a little bit back.  Our smile turns to a frown, our eyes get dark, and we say, "No, it's mine?"  We think God is being unfair to ask for a small portion back of what entirely belongs to Him.  We forget we are stewards, not owners.

Thankfully, God does not change.  We receive His grace -- His undeserved love and mercy -- every day.  He brings that grace to us by means of the Word, Baptism, and Holy Communion.  For everything God has done for us through the suffering, death, and resurrection of Jesus to give us eternal life, how can we not be good stewards of the early blessings He daily provides and return a portion to Him?  God is faithful and will take care of us.

Note: article reproduced from Portals of Prayer