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Pastor Marc D. Spaeth - Senior Pastor

Pastor Marc D. Spaeth

Pastor Marc came to Bethany Lutheran Church in May of 2010.

He was born in Pigeon, Michigan on April 23, 1953 to William and Frances Spaeth.

During his youth, Marc lived in Bad Axe, Michigan.  In 1972, he moved to Ocala, Florida with his family.  In 1976, he graduated from Florida Technological University (now UCF) and worked in the Resource Development Office of Valencia Community College.  He entered Concordia Seminary, St. Louis in 1979, served his vicarage in New Orleans, LA concluding his studies at the seminary in 1984.

Marc met his wife, Jo Ella Carroll in 1987 and together they served in a variety of congregations including inner-city, urban, suburban and a mission congregation in the far Western United States.  Marc served as an Individual Ready Reservist in the US Navy Chaplain Corp.  In 2005, his wife died after a long illness.  She is survived by one son and two daughters.

In addition to serving in the US Chaplain Corp, Marc has served as a youth baseball and soccer coach, a member of the PTA, and on a variety of boards and committees within the church body including the Lutheran Laymen’s League and Lutheran Women’s Missionary League.